Livestream utilities - Serverless, Web apps, Video generation service, OBS and Notion integration

Juro Oravec

A set of tools to create Twitch-style video overlay and add interactivity to livestreams (videos played based on custom events). The tools used Notion as the source of truth.

This included:

Video Generation Service

  • The service generated a video given a set of inputs. Videos were uploaded to Google Cloud Storage. Firestore collection was used to store metadata and serve as a cache.
  • Written in Python, used Pillow for image, and moviepy for video gen.

Task Manager

  • Web app for managing (CRUD) tasks defined in Notion. Modifying tasks scheduled video generation, and queued a command to play this video in a video player.

UI Overlay

  • Web app serving as the Twitch style video overlay. The app rendered UI based on config fetched from Firestore collection.

Video Player

  • Simple web app serving as a video overlay, it used Firestore as a command queue. When a command arrived, the app played a video based on the command.

OBS Panel

  • Web-based stream deck, conceptually similar to LioranBoard, this allowed to control OBS remotely.

Web App Backend

  • GCloud Functions serving as backend orchestration for various web apps.

RTMP Server

  • Dockerized RTMP server to enable to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.


Python, Serverless, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Firestore, Firebase, Vue.js, TypeScript, Vuetify.js, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Message Queues, Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)