Static site: Personal site

Juro Oravec

Personal (blog) static site built using Gridsome. Static site is a website which is pre-built -- it does not require a server running when published. The website posts are written in Markdown.


Implemented using Gridsome (Vue port of Gatsby). Compared to a regular gridsome project, this is a heavily customized setup. This Gridsome project is the first of its kind to support GraphQL code generation, and hence offers TypeScript support unlike any other. Overall this project required fixing issues across 3 other open source packages.

Website features

  • Search across all posts
  • Recommended / related posts
  • Git-based comments using Vssue
  • Analytics (Mixpanel, Sentry)
  • SEO features like meta tags (incl. Open Graph and Twitter cards), sitemap, robots.txt
  • RSS feed
  • Pre-compression of static files

Codebase features

  • Full TypeScript support
  • Fine control over the data flow: 1) Validation of input data from Markdown files, 2) Enrichment of the internal data, 3) GraphQL schema with custom resolvers
  • Vue components can be embedded inside Markdown files
  • Vuetify support
  • GraphQL codegen (autogenerated TypeScript files based on GraphQL queries)
  • Modularized project structure


Deployed using Netlify.


Gridsome, TypeScript, Vue.js, Vuetify.js, GraphQL, Mixpanel, Sentry, Recommendation Systems, Comments System, Express.js, Netlify, SEO, Open Graph, Twitter Cards